Sunday, November 27, 2016

Yellow sheep of the class

I guessed it wrong on the source of my friend's furniture from his Face Book pictures. My friend who is a retired preacher mistakingly think I am smart. Here is my humble reply:

This is the IQ meter. I fail miserably. I always pretend to be smart and wealthy in order to sell my books. No one buys books on investing from a loser except to boost his/her ego

We have many smart ones in our class of about 50 including a MIT PhD, a director, a chief hospital administrator, Martin Yan, doctor(s), pharmacist(s), businessmen /women..., not to mention a shepherd for men/women. I was below the class average in IQ (but making up in look and God is fair haha). I am the yellow sheep of the class. . Thanks to the achievers who make me look bad and I have to dig a hole right now to bury my stupid but handsome face. Have a great day!

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