Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Morning before Thanksgiving

It is 8:45 and only 14 comments at Wall Street Breakfast in Seeking Alpha. Most must have taken off for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving. First to Trump for not enforcing his campaign promises (he must read my blog religiously :)) and soothing the market.

A enemy could be a friend if you cannot find a worse enemy. Trump demonstrated that. Same for politics - it would be a case study in Harvard. In order to contain China, the US has to play India card as India is an enemy of Pakistan and Pakistan is a friend of China. Too complicated for a morning before the holiday.

The US and China should be better in the same bed than the US with EU. Both US and EU have similar products such as airplane. We create jobs by looking at who is our competitor first. Competing with low-wage countries is a fool's game or insulting the voters' intelligence; I bet a lot of them (not you)  have low IQ otherwise they will not vote for Trump :).

Money talks! Facebook kowtow (typo?) to China, so are the movie stars not wanting to be blacklisted by China, the second movie market in the world. Entertainers, your jobs in life is to entertain, not playing politics.

Amazon is hurting the retail stores. Amazon is not making a lot of money. I can see the fourth wave when Chinese have the retail chains in the US cutting the middle man such as Walmart. Barns&Noble cuts down some seats as I had a tough time to find one in my last visit - part of cost saving?

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