Monday, November 7, 2016

Hong Kong independent?

It will never happen. Possible 300 years ago, not now and not in the near future. This is the bottom line for China and Overseas Chinese. China has not used its military might yet. These trouble makers most likely will migrate to US, Sweden or Norway.

Some want to be kings and queens in the wildest and impossible dreams. These are the stupid chess pieces manipulated by the chess master who has nothing to lose right now. It is similar to Puerto Rico that obviously independence has no advantages for the citizens except for the potential kings and queens.

I doubt the US would subsidize these future 'kings and queens' as US seems it cannot say "No" to China for this issue at least and we have been busy in the two wars draining our resources. When we do not have the economy to back up our military actions, we are the true 'paper tiger.'

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