Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election news and China

* Again, 2017's market is risky with a potential interest hike. It is unavoidable except the time frame.

Trump is immoral while Clinton is a criminal but one should go to jail. Most politicians' immoral acts will be shown after election. Trump's big mouth is faster than his small brain. His dumb ego does not allow him to keep his secrets like most politicians. At least he is honest.

Obama has rescued the market at the expense of borrowing money to raise our national debt to its peak (about double)

.* China's trading is number 1. It is moving to a service oriented economy that would reduce trading. Container ships of course will not be needed as much as before. Their products are moving to higher values. They have several products such as HSR in the frontier and many other products are closing the gaps with the west.

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