Monday, April 18, 2016

Your phone bill and your health

VZ can swallow Yahoo! but it will be tough with the regulated industry's spirit to manage a high tech industry with the lowest spirit.

Unions are parasites who have nothing beneficial to today's society. They try to violate the "Supply and Demand" concept. The average worker makes far more than the average worker with the same skills and education. If the host does not get rid of the parasites, the host will die.

There are so many examples such as GM (it was saved by the profits from China).With today's automation and the reduced need for the 411 service (if you're young, you may ask what is 411), I do not think the strike will last longer than the last one. Both sides will make compromises and declare 'victory'. For a change, we have to support the management to reduce our phone bills (what the strikers get is what you have to pay for).

McDonald's contributes the population growth reduction by offering its deadly French fry buffet. Its main target must be to poor folks. Coupled with unlimited fountain, it is more than deadly.

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