Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rotten Apple?

I have two recommendations for Apple in the last 5 years. My point is trade the stock on fundamentals and being contrary to the institution investors is risky but could be very profitable.

1. Buy Apple at $54 in June, 2014 (forgot the year) when I published my book Scoring Stocks. Used IBM as an example and replaced it with Apple due to better score. It is the only stock recommended in the book.

2. Sell April at $132 in Feb., 2015 in the following blog.

Some challenged me why I did not recommend Apple when it was pennies. Apple did not have fundamentals at that time and I do not recommend penny stocks.

Today Apple at $94.85 with an expected yield (E/P) of 10% looks great fundamentally. Let me review its performance in 6 months.

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