Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Second comment

Bill is the poster boy for all males. He has fun and can get away redefining many terms in our dictionary such as the definition of sex and inhaling.

SAP is doing good even in the EU crisis when most big companies postpone upgrades. A little history here. Powersoft, the frontier client in the then-new client server computing, was acquired by Sybase who did not fare well in the database against Oracle. One loser + One Loser = Two Losers.

SAP was the white knight to acquire Sybase otherwise Sybase would die. SAP was fighting Oracle in the corporate accounting system plus other applications. The advantage of SAP is the EU connection and the less (if any) tariff to EU countries. Powersoft has actually dead as most developers switched to Java and its derivatives. I used to be a captain PowerBuilder programmer with the sinking ship. That's why I switched to investing - the skill will be useful even when I grow very, very old.

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