Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Financial news today

* Election to be reformed: Too many influences from special-interest groups & budget not balanced. When the politicians give you the world, ask them how to get the money. Promises are broken all the time - we should have ended the wars long time ago.
* Repeated in my previous posts: Oil has no way but up in two years and stay away from Japan.
* FB is building a better mouse trap. If they do not, others will. High tech is different from consumer products.
* Read an interesting article on Chinese movie from Forbes magazine. China does affect the global economies but not the soft power now. The article has a major fault. China did not want to produce direct competition at least in two or three years but hiring Hollywood to produce movies in China. With 20% of the world population and limited entertainment, the movie attendees have exceeded the US already, and sales within 5 years.
I could not comment due to forgetting my password and they had a bug in their system to let me reenter.

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