Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Today's financial news

* Sell in May and come back in Nov. Do it in 15 to 30 days earlier to avoid the herd; or sell in April 15 and return in Oct. 15. If the market is not risky, practice it in some small scale. Today's market is risky. Oct. is the best month if there is no major plunge. However it seems more market plunges happen in Oct.
* Global companies are playing the tax avoidance game as the citizens do. Any difference? The difference is one can vote and the other can pay their way out.
* When VRX bets, the investors bet too. I bet you can buy Ackman's funds with a huge discount now, but you need a lot of money to get in. He did do good in at least one year. That's safe for him to collect fees using others' money to bet. Most hedge funds make good money when the fund perform with the hefty fees.
* As I posted a few years ago, the Bond King has no clothes. There are many in 2015 including Buffett that I had warned more than 3 years ago.
* The biggest electric car market is China. Tesla will face some local competition. China can sell the local car for less than 10K after all the credits. Even I can afford to buy one.
* My definition: Corruption = People with Power + People with Gold
In this case, it may not work totally.

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