Thursday, April 7, 2016

Today's financial news

* If we do not punish folks for not paying back the student loans (esp. with amnesty), we're setting up a very bad example. Another example of politicians buying votes.

* Posted yesterday or before on Chinese banks. Stay away. It is similar that the government made Bank of America to swallow Merrill Lynch.

* China has a lot to learn to play the global game in finance. ZTC, tariffs, solar panels... should be studied. At the same time, they should raise the prices of rare earth elements until the market can bear. Today they cannot say no.

* There is no future of VRX. If the hedge fund manager can make such a huge mistake, how can we the retail investors protect ourselves? I do not recommend to read the financial statements (too time-consuming) as most financial ratios are readily available plus many stock ratings from various sources. I may change my mind in the last step of evaluating stocks. VRX has a huge virtual asset and it is a big warning.

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