Wednesday, April 20, 2016

First comment

* It is nothing new that Europeans try to squeeze some milk from American corporations. Now on Google and before on Microsoft. Easy money.

* As in my post yesterday, Clinton and Trump won (easy prediction and I hope it is the same ease to predict stock performance). If Hillary goes all the way, I suggest to appoint Bill as the VP to keep an eye on this old playboy and get an extra salary.

* Learn from Dubai on how to turn their country to a tourist attraction. A mistake. Who wants to travel to a desert/ a concrete jungle and pay a ransom for hotel and food? Suckers are born every day.

* SAP must profit from the EU. That's the reason Britain should not leave. Scots may leave if Brits leave.

* I was one of the management folks who worked 12 hours and 6 days in the last long strike over 12 years ago. Double pay on OT and triple pay on Thanksgiving day (or holidays). With the automation and the declining usage of 411, you do not feel any service degrading until a big storm. Most folks have been eating and eating too much recently and they may not be fit to climb up the pole.

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