Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Another solar company goes bankrupt

I have warned many times in my books (Complete The Art of Investing from several years ago that we do not have any future in solar energy.
1. Cannot compete with China's low prices. Fixed the problem by banning them.
2. Cannot compete with better technology from EU.
3. Solar is now not cost effective (actually not even before the low oil price). It only works with subsidies.
When one big company died after a huge government financial assistance (our tax money), there will not be another one.
"Buy at dips" of a bankrupting company is the same as throwing your money to the ocean.


  1. I received many good responds from the above post. However, one racist called me 'China man...". I hope he did not pass his bias to his 'successful' children. I have witnessed many successful folks lost their jobs due to making racial remarks like that. Even he is a billionaire, he does not gain my respect.

    First Solar is still doing great. Can it reverse the trend of bankrupting solar companies with the low oil price and the expiring tax credits?

    1. Typo. 'responds' should be 'responses. No edit function here.

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