Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Where is justice?

Peter is free. Click here for the article.

Glad it is over. It is just an accident. 5 years of probation is fine even it is not justified. 

Some random thoughts follow. 

Have to thank for all the policemen /women who risk their lives everyday. Of course as in any profession, there are some bad apples. 

Listen to all the complaints from the black on profiling. It is just a human nature; for proof, how often you walk alone in high-crime areas? 

While some black are rich, the majority are poor and very high percent of black males in jails. The society has to help them out of poverty by providing job skills and generous welfare does NOT help. Teach them how to fish, but not give them fish for the rest of their lives. With the high percent of single-parent families, they do not have a future.

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