Monday, April 4, 2016

On today's financial news and jokes on airlines

* Alaska Air is over-paying for VA which was over-priced before the acquisition. I did an evaluation about 9 months ago and wrote an SA article. Airlines have been enjoying its up in the last 2 years. Sold most (may still own some Alaska air) at their peaks (I believed) and have not checked their fundamentals recently.

* Many news on China.Panama Paper affects many Chinese corrupt officials and they could be many folks very close to the top.

* Greece and Turkey are not doing good economically especially with the loss of tourists. I sympathize with the refugees... well the world is full of troubles. I still try to understand the conflict of Muslims and Christians. Are they originated from the same religious beliefs?

When I objected sending soldiers to the Middle East, many of many Christian friends objected. Since then I keep my big mouth shut as I cannot even discuss the topic with them who are brain washed by their preachers to me.

* I may be watching a Kung Fu movie. FBI is finding a way how to fix it and then Apple introduces a way to stop the leak... FBI is finding another way (most likely from the former employees of Apple...The cycle and history repeat themselves. At least keep someone rich in the process.

Now the jokes I promised in the title of this post.

* JokesWhen Frontier Airline installs a meter in the rest room, I know why they call Frontier.
* Old joke and new post here PG 17

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  1. I do not want to lose my friends by not avoiding our own conflicts. Silence is golden.

    The conflict has been too long and we have a modern Crusade to me. If they want to talk, they have talked many years ago. I only study fundamentals on stocks. The religions have incorrectly interpreted the preaching. What happened to "Thou shall not kill."