Friday, February 5, 2016

On today's financial news

* Brazil is facing the perfect storm: demands of their oil and ores are reduced from China and now Zika in the bad timing for the Olympics. For security reason, most South American countries are not good for tourists. My friend's hotel safety deposit box was opened and some cash was stolen. Crimes are everywhere. Prostitution is a dangerous occupation with Zika.

* I had a lot of gold coins bought at $400 range. It did not appreciate for over 20 years. When it reached $900 or so, I unloaded most. My human nature did not let me to time it right. Should have a mental stop order.

* Some genetic modified seeds are good (to save a lot of starving folks) and I hope I will not read from the newspaper a decade from now that they cause some serious health problems.

* China is making a lot of influences in Asia and Africa. They have two modern Silk Roads, one via land and one via sea financed via the infrastructure bank. They are helping the Africans to build railroad to port the ores to the seaports. They're facing the same problems the West/US faced before.

* 5% is not full employment mathematically but it is for practical yardstick. Another yardstick is the median salary that has not reached to the pre 2008 level even the stock market is fully recovered. It is another hint that the economy and the market has not been correlated.

Far too many news on China.

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