Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Complete the Art of Investing

This post and the next several posts are used to promote my book The Art of Investing.

If you already have my book, skip them except the updated  Fundamental Metrics in the next post.

It could be the best $10 you ever spend and the payback keeps on paying if you read the book and practice what it preaches. I do not claim it always makes you money. However, in the long term, it should.

This book has over 800 pages, about the size of three books of average size. It covers most topics in investing for all investors from beginner investors to mutual fund managers. Due to its size, it only has Kindle version for now - paper is expensive and binding is tough for 800 pages. Kindle reader may already have been installed in your PC.

I claim to have the best performance of all articles in Seeking Alpha, an investing site, from the publish date to one year later. It has to be a recommendation of 5 or more stocks, so luck is not a deciding factor. So far no one challenges me. The selection of 15 or so stocks uses many concepts from this book.

The following are the description of the book and some sample articles.


Reader feedback


Investing and Politics

Market Timing

Have a great day, Tony

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