Friday, February 19, 2016

No news is good news

Yesterday's news disguise as today's news. In two words: "nothing new" from the boring weather man in San Diego.
* Britain is smart for not joining the EU at the expense of missing some trades. It is worth it as when the parasite (Greece...) dies, the host will die too.
* In my last cruising vacation in Turkey and Greece, I did not see any refugees. I believe the tourist areas are still isolated.
* My plumber charged me $250 for 5 minutes work (Sunday price) and $200 for over an hour to clear the drain. Why folks go to college? He told me the trailer house would cost over $1,000 to fix after the frozen pipes. It is a case of "the poor get poorer". Why they do not live in subsidized housing? It is also a case of Robin Hood in robbing the rich (I pretended to be rich) and paying the poor as he does not have a heart to charge that much.
* The politicians are still shouting "build that wall". Obviously they have not read my previous post here: Just punish the employers who hire the illegals and it is illegal to hire illegals.

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