Thursday, February 18, 2016

An article opening a can of worms disguised as dividend lovers

First, the author is presenting his own view and his experiences. Thanks for that. There is no need to attack him as a cult.

I do not know DGI is right or wrong. However, I can assure you that seldom we have an evergreen strategy. I have a simple test in my post here on my simple test on dividend stocks. If I have more time like a day or two, I would have more conclusive results.

I always select the right strategy to the current market. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. My current strategies:

Buy OIL, the ETF and wait for 5 years.

Last year it was a side way market as predicted and I used the strategy: buy at dips and sell at temporary surges - just opposite to the momentum strategy.

2009 is value stocks when I made 80% in my largest taxable account and made a mistake in 2010 by leaving too much in cash.

My point is there is no evergreen strategy. All my selections are based on good arguments. Even the best arguments may not always work as the market is not always rational. If it is, there would be no poor folks. Happy investing!

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