Monday, February 8, 2016

Comments on today's financial news

* China may buy VV's truck division. They bought Volvo but it does not include truck division I bet. They can build everything up to par in a car except the engine and transmission.
* It is a good acquisition for Verizon. However, you need a lot of clean up. Yahoo's best idea is investing Alibaba and the one who made this decision was kicked out. it tells a lot on the company.
* I do not believe India has enough middle class to afford iPhones. I hope to see their market report. Quantity vs quality or short term vs long term. So far Apple made many good decisions on China so I do not bet against them.
* Do you know you can get double the money in Argentina for your USD in the black market?
* PR is a hopeless case. Even the country is falling, some still want to be kings and queens. They must love themselves far more than the country they serve

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