Sunday, February 14, 2016

Google must be joking

Yesterday I had over 850 views in this blog. It happened before. Normally I have 10 to 300 hits per day depending on whether I promote my blog such as posting the link in Seeking Alpha or Market Watch. Facebook is too limited.

It is not possible for 850 or more views. I believe the record is about 400 after promoting the link in several sites. The number of hits does not usually translate to selling my books to my limited knowledge. I do not know where my buyers find my book. It is marketing. I enjoy all the phases of creating a product. Well, the time spent is not worth it unless it is for fun.

BTW, I believe every investor should have a book to record his/her own experiences and include a trade plan to follow. I do not advise folks to write and publish a book unless it is for fun. The effort does not pay back from one who has over 50 books. I believe it is a challenge to do sth I would remotely do.

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