Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Comments on today's financial news

* For a change (or the first time), the market moves in sync with OIL due to the Saudis and Russia both are dumping foreign assets (most in stocks) to rescue their economies. We may see $20 in April and if it does, it would be the bottom. My truck is ready. If it does not, my reserve tank has been fully loaded.

* A 2% loss in one day for the 'stable' pound is a lot. That's why the Queen has to turn off all the lights not because she needs the exercise.

* Germany will have a hard time to help so many refugees. Tens of thousands would help to reduce the problems of labor shortage due to the aging population - but not at this scale.

* Politicians open their big mouths on subject they do not understand. They believe their voters are as stupid as themselves. It is for and against Apple's stand. It is nothing simple and the impact is huge. For starter, all the leaders learn their phones are easily tapped and second China will not allow Apple to sell their phones there.

* Never depend your trade by any article on a specific stock. It is especially true on small stocks that can be manipulated. All small energy stocks are candidates to be acquired by larger companies such as XOM. Nothing is new, but when you hear the news, it would be over already. Some candidates may be left to be bankrupted as there are so many of them and so few cash.

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