Friday, February 12, 2016

How to make a million?

The following is done by 'professionals', so do not try it at home.

I will ask Bank Of Japan to loan worth about $1M USD.

First they give me money for giving me money. What a country!
I would spread the loan into the following evenly

- Short-term US treasuries. Get some positive (better than negative) interest and bet on potential   appreciation in USD over Japan's yen.
 Risk: US interest rate may be higher, hence making my US treasuries depreciate.
- High-yield (better word for junk) bonds with at least BBB rating.
- Contra ETF to SPY.
- Oil.
- Gold. Switch all to oil if oil dips to $20 per barrel.

Exit strategy: Skip town if it does not work out. Write a book and make a million.

If it works, I will write a book and make a million. No matter what, I have a million dollar in book sales.

It is a complete strategy: What/why/who, diversity, risk analysis and exit strategy.

Thks afternoon lap has been too sweet and time to wake up to face the cruel reality.

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