Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A lot of news on China today

* Hope they will share resources instead of risking military actions in the disputed islets that have oil. For the last 300 years until the last 50 years, China had been bullied by foreign countries. Hope they do not bully others with the newly-gained military might.

* China cannot fight the US TODAY (not the newspaper). However, the gap is closing. Their new weapons are submarine that are silent, satellite killer, carrier killer, unmanned planes... Many technology were reported stolen. We need to tighten up in cyber security and general security.

* China is buying many foreign companies with a higher premium than most other offers. China will dominate the market as a matter of time. Simple reasons: large internal market, low development costs, hard-working citizens, little regulations...

* Bombardia had reached its peak 2 years ago. Reason: again China. They are in the same market as China: small planes and trains. Not in our life time, China will compete with Boeing. Initially, the planes are just flying coffins with free life insurance (if you give up beneficiary rights) and free cremation/disposal.

After a few laughs, they will dominate as we have seen their high speed train. While we're planning and playing politics, they have the most extensive high speed network. It fits two purposes: 1. cost effective for the densely populated country and 2. selling it to foreign countries.

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