Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Today's news and a joke

* Low interest rates affect earnings and the record-margin debt. Both are positive for the market. When the world economies are connected, they're affected too. As posted before, Japan is in its bottom for a while. They're news today but not a lot that cannot be predicted so far.

* China is moving from a economy based on export to one based on internal consumers. Of course, they have over-capacity in manufacturing. One problem is the banks are holding many bad loans from these companies and some turns into equities for the banks - a risky action.

* Most foreign investments from China are not doing good. They're still learning.

* I do not like all the running politicians. I may run as an individual. However, it would take a lot of votes (:)) from the less of all evils. However, you can donate funds to my special account (also labelled as TP Retirement account). Relax, it is just the joke of the day.

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