Thursday, March 3, 2016

On today's financial news

* Deflation is worse than inflation. When the company finds out that the finished products have to sell at lower prices, they have to cut down on future products.

* All green energies depend on government subsidies. They are not competitive especially today with falling oil prices (however, only about 5% of oil is used to generate electricity). How much you can save in a Tesla especially after the huge initial investment? If it continues, Tesla will be a nice museum piece.

* Iran could be the most westernized country in the region. U.S. is busy in politics and late in making money as history has repeated itself.

* Is N.Korea's missile technology helped by China? I'm sure China's missile technology benefits from the US. First the father of Chinese missile returned after the communism witch hunt with practical experiences and recently the almost perfect record after the US company told them how to fix the problem of a crash.

* Macau did better than Las Vegas and still is doing great. There may be a camera used by the Chinese government to catch the corrupted 'whales'. I mentioned it when the anti-corruption campaign came out. Chinese do one thing at a time - like catching all the flies (now all the 'whales').

* The dropping merger of the two tech companies (United & Honeywell) is good for the country - less layoff and more competition (via spending more on research).

* Is Yahoo!'s auction in EBay? I would submit a bid of $1.

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