Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Old post on health

I was surprised on new views on the following post on health. There are a few positive comments and all were from medical folks. Re post it here.

**   Do the doctors know best (8/2012) **

I’ve a lot of doubts about my doctors and dentists. The dentists try to squeeze every dollar out of me. They care more about their bottom line than my health. When we have health problem, the best way is to diagnose yourself via some good, reputable internet sites and books. We should know better before we talk to our doctors.
My experience:
You can actually suggest your doctor what to do. They are not saints. I should have told my doctor that my prostate problem was the enlargement, not cancer. It is quite common for my race and my age group. I had several biopsies and they’re all clean except I may not have a prostate after the biopsies. 
I should also have told another doctor to take out the water from my knee after a fall. The old doctor did not want to do anything as he will retire soon. I suffered for a long time. Actually I retired early partly because of the pain in walking to and from the bus stop. Should the doctor know best? I do not think so at least in these two cases.  I hope some doctors would respond to this blog.

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