Monday, March 28, 2016

On today's financial news

* Dell seems to lose about 20% of the investment plus the money they invested. Not a good business decision for Dell but for Perot it is great. It is hard to compete with IBM and HP in IT.
* Bernie is bouncing like a dead cat. By statistics, it is a horse race between the billionaire and the lady and the billionaire will win as illustrated in my blog.
* Myanmar depends on China. With China's dispute with Vietnam, Myanmar is in a better position. It is like China 35 years ago.
China is moving to a consumer market from one based on trading. Some industries will suffer for a while and some will prosper. Hope the losers will not drag down the entire economy.
AVP is doomed to fail for many reasons.
* A frequent terrorist attack is a norm. We will see more in Europe with more Middle East refugees.

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