Thursday, March 10, 2016

Responding to a post on best jobs

Physicians are not the best paid job if you figure in how many hours they put in, how hard to get into medical schools, how much it costs for the education, how stressful, how responsible...

Lawyer graduates have a hard time to get a job today due to over-supply. Good, we need more Robin Hoods.

There are many jobs with good salaries due to supply and demand: computer software (has been for over 40 years and I was one), accounting (not well paid but easy to get a job)...

With the aging population, nurses, pharmacy jobs... should be in demand.

The best job is searching for stocks. I beat all the professions described every year in the last 5 years keeping my fingers crossed. I do not have to travel to work. I do not have a boss (except my wife). I do not have anyone to report to (except IRS once a year). No one dies if I made a mistake. I can take any vacation any time and any length I want. I do not have to talk to anyone except my computer. I'm the luckiest SOB!

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