Thursday, March 31, 2016

Today's financial news

* USD was strong a short while ago against EU and I bet it is still higher compared to one year ago. Low oil price should help Europe as most except Norway depend on import.

* The infrastructure bank was set up by China to help them to build the two modern Silk Roads. It would help China if they import solar panels from China to build the 500M project. India with a lot of sun shine should benefit even most green energies are not economically feasible.

* ALU was one of the 15 or so stocks recommended in my SA article Amazing Returns. I bought it at $1 and it was acquired by Nokia for about $3.5 (from my memory) recently. What are the French thinking in internet network?

* Microsoft, IBM... all have a lot of cash in foreign countries. They cannot move the cash back to the US due to taxes and restrictions by these countries. May be they should invest the research centers over there.

* Earnings announcements could make some money. I'm still learning with real money.

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