Wednesday, March 9, 2016

On today's financial news

Quite a lot of news today. I do not really know where to start - OK in sequential order.*
 The last time I checked, the market has risen over 180% from March, 2009 to Jan. 2015 excluding dividends. 
For rough estimate (you can't estimate it precisely as the yield changes every day), it is about 2% dividend for S&P 500 index. The dividend is important on flat years. For example, you can claim you beat S&P500 index by over 500% but actually you break even with the index if one includes dividend and one does not. A common but legal trick!
* Yes, gold funds have turned around. I missed it as I had not paid attention to the monthly winners. Never happens again I hope.
* The queen is just a figure head. Her function is attracting tourists and nothing more (for her age I cannot say eye candies).
* Japanese high-tech companies are practicing the act of all in a family or not letting your water to flow into others' rice field (an old Chinese saying). Chinese companies would give better prices I bet.
* Tilson is the poster boy of shorters. Ackman's VRX could be a turn around candidate. Both made profits and lost a lot. Most of us should not bet like them as we're using our own money. All the gold in the world would not be better than a good night sleep.
* There will be no Iran and no N.Korea in the next morning if they use nuclear weapon. Paper tigers?
* On sale today: One way ticket to Mars in a free flying coffin, with free cremation and disposal service. I pay for your life insurance if I'm your beneficiary - better bet than any stock trade.

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