Thursday, March 17, 2016

Comment on today's financial news

* When you're in Rome, act like a Roman. Do not use our standard esp. in N. Korea. They try to bargain for money. Why students went to N.Korea in the first place?

* CMG gave out poison free and a life insurance too. They should FIX the problem. Most likely it is from the food suppliers. Organic has its problems we have to understand such as butter (vs margarine), eggs...

* China will make better strides than the US with less regulations (killing several from billions is no big deal and no lawyers will ask you for a king's ransom) in advancement for the goods of the billions. Stem cell is one and now driver-less car.

* Ackman aged 10 years in one night. There are many legends including Buffett doing badly in 2015. Depend on yourself in investing. Past winners are PAST winners.* Amazon's Cloud has many customers already. Has Google missed the opportunity?

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