Thursday, March 3, 2016

Reply why I am not running

My weakest point is no one can understand my English. On the second thought, it is my strongest point. When I understand the politician's hidden agenda, I do not like him or her.

If I run, Trump will ask me to show the proof of citizenship even I watched more American cartoons and Hollywood movies than he did. However, he is in the movie and making the whole country a comedy to be watched by the entire world.

In addition, I'm too honest, too caring, too polite (not to mention too handsome & having 'large hands' & real hair). In a sentence I'm lacking the attributes of a good politician.

In the last Chinese dynasty, you can buy an official job and in turn you can make money via corruption. It seems history is repeating in America.

I was told I was the legend in my own eyes.

My reply:
"I was the legend in my own eyes" only in Mr. X's eyes.

Logical or just LOL?

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