Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Today's financial news

* Now we're used to the terrorist attacks. During 9/11, the market plunged but recovered in a few days. Most of my stops were executed and I had not bought them back in time. A big loss for me. Now, I use mental stops (my term) to avoid these and flash crashes.

* Need to think like a terrorist to prevent such attacks. I wonder Europe still welcome refugees from the Middle East.

* Embargo causes Cuba a lot economically. We cannot use our yardstick to judge other countries.

* This market is very volatile. I bet the charts I'm using have many false signals: Tell you to exit and reenter very shortly. I just have about 50% in cash (fluctuating from 40-60% picking and unloading 'bargains'). Risks: strong USD, potential interest hikes (not possible now), poor global economies, too low oil price (first time I guess)...

* GILD has been roller coaster lately. From the fundamentals, the stock looks great but why it is too valued.

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