Sunday, March 13, 2016


If you're my reader here or reader of my book, you know I trade Apple a lot. So far, making some money, at least enough to buy some iPhones. It also tells me making two or three heavy bets a year is better than making numerous smaller bets. Why not one bet? I do not want to put all eggs in the same basket (i.e. diversification). Why more than 5 bets? I guess only 2 or 3 opportunities are available in a year. To compromise, I plan to have 2 or 3 large bets and numerous small bets. Apple was one of them for about 3 years from the time it was recommended in my book Scoring Stocks at about $52 per share.

This year OIL is my large bet. It is a long-term bet (for me long term is longer than a year). I also have a medium bet on GILD. The several medium bet last year included several short squeeze candidates and heavy insider buys. Their performances vary.

Now go back to my topic before I drift too far away.

Finally I got my iPhone 6S. My son told me "S" (could stand for Steve) is an intermediate version. "6S Plus" could be too big for me to carry though I like the bigger screen for my weak eyes. I do not really want to carry any phones. When almost everyone has a smart phone, I feel I'm late or outdated. I could have an iPhone 4 free, but I need Apple Pay eventually (iPhone 4 or older lacks a chip function for Apple Pay). It seems about the same operations as my iPad without the phone functions. Quite an amazing machine that may have more power than the largest computer in its infancy (60s). As Einstein said, "Everything is relative" and after 10 years or so it would be sneezed at the dumbest phone.

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