Friday, May 12, 2017

What happens to Yahoo!Finance

I do not know what happens to Yahoo!Finance. If they do not do anything for the last few years, it would be a better product. My problems:

1. SMA in charts did not work the last time I tried it. Hope they fix the problem by now or they have different interpretation from their own previous interpretation.

2. I use to maintain the current stock price by copying a list such as "ABC, DEF..." and outputting the result to an Excel spreadsheet. No longer available.

3. I use to get the P/E of an ETF. No longer available.

There are more of these similar problems that they did not have a few years ago.
If you do not hire some one capable, do not hire any and leave the old product alone. Thanks God there are many other ways to do the above as described in my books.

I sincerely hope they will return to the former form that is very useful.

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