Thursday, May 18, 2017

Obama's legacy

What is Obama's legacy after most of his accomplishments are rolled back except saving the market by increasing our national debt to recent record high?

Trump may accomplish even less.

I'm politically neutral and I do tell the truths or what I think without thinking of what my party says.

We just do not have great leadership recently. There are advantages of a two-party system that checks each other. The disadvantage is we're wasting time to argue who is on top.

The problem of our voting system is we elect our leaders once every 4 years. Hence, the politicians only care about the results of 4 years - very short sight for the country. Since we have more free loaders than loaders, the politicians try to look for their interests instead of the country's.

We do have an enviable Constitution. But, it needs a lot of amendments to react to the new century such as gun control...

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