Saturday, May 27, 2017

US wants to be a power again in Pacific?

Does US challenge or take risk by sending a carrier to S.China Sea? What we would say if China sends a carrier to our coast?

It is not the first time and most likely not the last time to play this kind of dangerous game with carriers or jets. A day later of the incident, US is playing this game again with the jets.

Today's carriers are sitting ducks. They have missiles for carriers. A submarine surfaced within miles of a carrier without being detected. How to defend hundreds (or thousands) of drones each with its anti device for anti drones?

There are endless arguments of who are the owners of these islets. Since the Opium Wars, China has lost more territory than any country on earth. China is stronger every day and I hope they settle the claims diplomatically. China has been bullied by many for over 200 years and hope they will not be bully herself.

This is the natural resources given to us by God. I sincerely hope they will share the resources peacefully. Hope the assets will not turn out to be liabilities.

Have we learned enough on our endless wars from Vietnam to Afghan? We've too many problems to fix at home. In long term, the economy and the stock market (except for specific sectors) will not improve.

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