Friday, May 12, 2017

Trade deal with China

The trade deal is not a good trade deal to me. China is already buying agriculture products from us. It hurts Australia a little. It should include more air planes that they're also buying from EU.
Natural gas is easier to import via pipes. One country of the former Russian union is providing it via the pipe.

Mexico and China are competitors (similar to US and EU) and they do not have products to complement with each other.

As I posted before, the One Belt, One Road initiative does not include US. China tries to make her neighbors rich so they have more money to buy China's products and use China's excess capacity such as building roads and bridges. China is cutting our loans that our former administration wanted. China loaned us money so we could buy from them. The goose that produces the golden eggs is dying.

More on One Belt, One Road (sea route).

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