Thursday, May 18, 2017

My philosopy in investing

It applies to me but may not to you.

Keeping my fingers crossed and continuing my frugal life style, I should have enough money to live with. Making another zero in my total asset will not do me any good. Hence I'm ultra conservative as most retirees should. Investing is not a sport that you have to win. Jesse Livermore, arguably our greatest trader, committed suicide and was almost bankrupted with all the glories of being the 'greatest'. We do not want to follow his footsteps.

As of 6/2017, the market is very risky. I’m piling cash. When the market crashes, I'll use some funds to buy contra ETFs. Otherwise, my money is collecting dust with almost zero interest and inflation is eating the value of my cash. Today I bought some CDs and some high-yield and short-term bond funds. They do not pay much but better than nothing.

The market could be our best friend or worst enemy. Personally I prefer it crashes every 4 or so years to provide buying opportunity. The crash has been long overdue.

Good luck to all. If you find my posts useful, please send money (bitcoins only) to my secret retirement account. :)

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