Thursday, May 18, 2017

Enemies are at the gate

Check out the Shenzhen link in my second post for the day and you will be amazed. In my own words, "Shenzhen is the Silicon Valley of the East, but in 10 years, today's Silicon Valley would be the Shenzhen of the West."

I do not totally agree but not totally disagree with the Wired video on Shenzhen. In a nutshell, they said we should have open source and allow others to copy our products so we will have better products. All the legal lawyers would hang themselves right away if it is materialized.

Many Chinese bashers would ask "Why we do not have global brand names from China?". It is similar to what they asked before, "Do not be afraid of Korea as they're building low quality and low value products.".

In my previous post, I'm outraged that our kids do not have homework, so they can play more video games.

My point is: Be careful as the enemies are at the gate.

Ignorance is our worst enemy. When the British union did not want automobile in order to 'save' jobs, they lost it to Germany. When the emperor of China ignored the Industrial Revolution and the advanced weapons, he started the centuries of humiliation.

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