Friday, May 12, 2017

Do not pass hatred to the next generation, but I have to make an exception

Japan has few natural resources. Their major resource is smart and hard-working people. They do not welcome immigrants. Most likely it is due to the 'terrorists' from the WW2. Do you blame them when the entire family (even the babies) were murdered for no reasons and their women were raped?
They were strong before WW2 and now is strong after the war for many reasons - US paying for their national defense is another one.

Chinese, Koreans... have not prosecuted the war criminals as the Jews are doing. Japanese starting with the governor of Osaka even claimed many war crimes had not been committed - insulting our intelligence. Please go to the Nanjing museum for proofs. Those who committed war crimes should be prosecuted. If the recent Tsunami was formed by the tears of the victims, then God has the answer.

If we do not learn from history, most likely we will repeat history.

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