Saturday, May 6, 2017

On China

* Do you want to take a flight on a Chinese jet even life insurance is included? I vote no. I'm planning a trip to Asia and am glad it is not ready for commercial use for years. 2025 Made In China initiative is wrong, and it should be today.

One short flight for the pilot, and one big step for China.

BTW, China has the clause of transfer of technology with GE in buying tons of their engines. If GE said No, they would buy them from Rolls Royce.

* Another big purchase of a foreign compnay by a Chinese company. Will expect more. We do not let Chinese buy companies (not good to stock owners) in many industries and they can buy them (and their technology + market share) else where.

It is funny we bailed out a dying solar company with half a billion (from my memory) and it could be far more advantage to sell it to China. They are already advanced in solar technology.

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