Monday, May 8, 2017

No homework?

I am outrageous that my grandchildren do not have homework. It is not only my town, but it is for the entire nation.

If it is used to lower the education gap between poor and rich, it is the STUPIDEST argument I ever heard.

We have to compete with Europe and Far East students. They routinely study at least two more hours already. If you believe the student without the extra two hours study would accomplish the same in life, you believe in miracle.

The extra hours will be used most likely in watching TV and/or playing video games.

Yes, some students do not need to to homework. Personally I know one or two in one hundred. They're the exception, not the norm. My granddaughter is one of them too. In kindergarten she can read and answers correctly how many minutes left to pick up my other grandchild giving her the current time. She was bored in doing the compulsory homework.

I do not know whose stupid idea is this. It would drive us far behind from the top rank (Singapore, S. Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and some EU countries). I would fire that decision maker right away.

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