Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Today's financial news

* The sea is calmest before the storm. 2017 is a risky year. I bet the interest rate will hike 1% for the entire year and that's the good news. Dec. 15 to Jan. 15 next year is the best time statistically for the market.

* China has been working on the pollution problems for a while. The companies in this sector should do good. Ford, GM, Boeing are the companies to be affected adversely if there is a trade war with China. Trump, take note.

Blackstone is a stupid company and China was even stupider by betting on it and lost BILLIONS.

* In my year-end loser strategy, VRX and AMAG, the pharmacy stocks, showed up. VRX lost about 95% of its value. The debt/equity is amazingly high. It could be the dead cat bounce in the coming Jan. I stay away from it or play it with a few pocket changes.

* We have not send soldiers in the two conflicts to avoid Russia. Good move. We should stay away from Pacific too to avoid the alliance of Russia and China. That seems we have endless wars to screw up our economy. Sigh!

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