Monday, December 5, 2016

Political systems

I believe all "ism" have their advantages and disadvantages if there is a true freedom of speech.

* Communism makes folks lazy as there is no incentive to work better or harder when everyone is paid the same. However, some countries may be more fit for communism to reduce the gap between the poor and the rich such as India. I prefer socialism over communism for this.

* Socialism. Norway and some rich countries should practice it as they have too many resources (coconuts in my Coconut Theory). For most countries it is not feasible. When the host has nothing more to give, the host and her parasites will die.

* Capitalism. China is practicing it (even it is a "communist" country). When you do not work, you die.

The best system depends on the wealth of the country, the citizens' education (without it corruption would prosper)... and it should be in between socialism and capitalism.

US is in it. However, our welfare is too generous. We should teach the poor how to fish instead of giving them fish for the rest of their lives. Example: Many multi generations of teenage mothers, able welfare recipients...

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