Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Good seeds falling on good soil will prosper

When the expert in Sector Rotation told me my book is good, it has to be really good. LOL. Next year I'll concentrate in actual trading in this risky market.

Andrew McElroy wrote articles on this topic and he said:

Great stuff, Tony. It's great to meet experienced traders such as yourself.

I had a browse through the book and think your method is a little more refined than mine.

On the next day, he said:

Your strategy is very rules based and solid. I sometimes envy people who have developed something like this.

That said, if I tried to copy it I would make a dog's dinner of it. There's no way I can undo the way I see the market now. It allows me to make incredible trades, but is also open to errors. No trade is quite the same and I couldn't write down my exact system and rules.


My reply to Andrew on his last post:

Trading is multi disciplined. There are some basic rules and I try to make trading close to a science to avoid blunders. If it were that easy, just buy the book, follow the rules and there would be no poor folks.

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