Thursday, December 15, 2016

On today's financial news

* Interest rate was raised according to many predictions. I am glad it does not go to .5% hike. Oil price (recommended in Jan. 15) will return to the normal ($100 range) in a few years. Do not know when but it will.

* Trumpconomics (my term). The stocks of companies who agree with him will rise. I stay away from coal as I do not see any future here. It is too far away to ship to China. Twitter will not let Trump to twit.

* China will say "No" to the US and it could speed up the time table to invade (or 'unite' or economically invade) Taiwan which has 40% export to China.

* I do not think Japan will become the second casino market. Macau depends on China's whales and no whale wants to show up as the Chinese anti-corruption agency has a watchful eye. Anyway, casinos have too high debts for my appetite.

* BTW, statistically, Dec. 15 to Jan. 15 next year is the best period for investing. EOY loser is my strategy right now.

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