Sunday, December 25, 2016

The $80 sneekers

Amazingly, some kids from welfare families show off their $80 sneakers that I cannot afford (or not too stupid) to buy. Same as going to see a doctor for a minor cold.

Tufts is giving scholarships to children of illegals. How many want to disguise as illegals (no proofs are needed to be illegal)?

No one saves. When you save too much (like myself), you lose all the goodies from the government such as free health care. With more than 40% not working, we're a nation of free loaders.

Actually the rich can afford to buy good stuffs more as the stock market is great. It widens the wealth gap and causes disputes. The problem is 1% cannot support the rest even if they spend like no tomorrow as the rest of our citizens are doing.

What's wrong with this country (compared to 50s and 60s)?

Do not get me wrong. I believe in helping the poor. However, the poor have to help themselves first. Helping them how to fish is better than giving them fish for the rest of their lives.

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