Friday, December 16, 2016

Today's financial news

* Conflict with China. It will lead to a trade war and both sides will lose again and again. The auto stocks will suffer too. GM gets about 25% profit from China while Ford has 16%. Boeing could be the victim from the conflict.

Boston buys subway cars from China assembling them in a factory in Mass. It could be a win-win. This factory also can sell the products to the rest of the US.

* Banks should finally get out of the bottom with interest rate rising (a little this year and about 1% next year). The housing market is booming in many states.

* Video games will recover fast with virtual reality. The grand mom is convincing and I will have the same she 'ordered'.

* Joke of the day.

The USA never wants to adopt the metric system. It is mainly due to the love of our football game which uses yards. 0.9 meter does not sound right, right?

At one time, when two identical missiles were fired between here and Russia, the Russian missile would arrive here earlier due to no extra calculation to convert to metric values. It is not true now as the CPU is super fast.

I recommend selling missiles to any country. When it is heading to us, our unpublished program will return it to sender.

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