Monday, June 9, 2014

On health

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This blog does not guarantee you will be able to extend your life to 100 (actually not even living another minute), but it will improve your health. These topics on health have been discussed in countless articles but we do not follow them in practice. I list them in one page, so we can come back to review it from time to time.

We know some smokers and liquor addicts live over 100 years and some healthy souls live a short life. However, they are the exceptions and they are not true statistically.


One cup of coffee a day is good for you from what I read. Decaf has no effect except mentally. One glass of wine a day and plenty of water. 15 minutes of sunshine every day. Fruits and veggies are good. So are soy bean and the products derived from it.

Seafood from unpolluted water. Chicken without skin.

Curry, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, banana, tomato, kiwi, honey are all good. Take the prescription drugs. Take life easy.  Money cannot buy health and happiness. Simplify your life (by giving all of your money to me). J

Multi vitamin pills. It would gain 5 more years to our lives again statistically. I need to save for living expenses for those extra years and Social Security would have to pay me 5 more years. Poor Uncle Sam!


Soda including diet drinks and smoking is always bad. Avoid food with nitrates such as hot dog. Limit on red meat.  Avoid fried food.

Not excessive

Consistent and appropriate (according to your age and physical conditions) exercise is good. Brain exercise. Eat out. Excessive cleanliness (relaxing our immune system too much).

 Anything excessive is no good.

Do you want to live longer or happier?


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Doctor knows best?

I’ve a lot of doubts about my doctors and dentists. Many dentists try to squeeze every dollar out of me. They care more about their bottom line than my health. When we have health problem, the best way is to diagnose ourselves via the internet (from some good sites) and books before we visit our doctors.

You can suggest to your doctor of what to do. They are not saints. I should have told my doctor that my prostate problem was most likely due to the enlargement, not cancer. I had several biopsies and they’re all clean except I may not have a full prostate after the numerous biopsies. I also should have told another doctor to take out the water from my knee after a fall. The old doctor did not want to do anything as he will retire soon. I suffered the pain for a long time. Should the doctor know best? I do not think so at least from my own experiences.  I hope some doctors would respond to this blog.

·         Click here or the following link for jokes, which is the best medicine.

·         Norman’s experience:
For many over 40, sugar in any form causes diabetes.  Alcohol is a form of sugar and gives the same results.  Even diet drinks have elements that simulate sugar and your body reacts to it as if it is sugar.  If you want extended life, cut out sugar, even in fruits.

I took popular multi-vitamin pills for years.  It does not have the proper dosage for those over 50.  Recently both my wife and I started taking the one for those over 50.  We both have improved health and skin.  It definitely makes a difference.

·         Play Mah Jongg. It exercises your brain on every move. Chess does the same. However, few play chess every day. When there is no money involved, it would not be addictive. Most Orientals and some Jewish women play MJ. Hong Kong women have the highest longevity and almost everyone plays MJ.

·         A good friend passed away due to playing racket ball. He was a high achiever always giving 10% more effort. A doctor himself, another player being a doctor too and the hospital was minutes away could not save him.

·         Many folks I know who have more health problems do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. My theory is we have cancer cells and our immune system fights them off with the help of nutrients. One’s theory.

·         The root cause of all diseases?

Another article on heart attack due to inflammation and harm on processed food.

·         The primary cause of death changes according to our age in ascending order:  accidents including cars, then drugs and alcohols, then cancers, then heart disease, and lastly Alzheimer’s. To increase our chance of survival, do not drink and drive recklessly during our youths, eat fruits and vegetables to protect our immune systems, and exercise appropriately for the heart and our brains in our old age.
·         Do not let your dumb nationalism kill you. Chinese medicine in the last 500 years is losing to the West to me. There are too many examples on those ‘miracle’ doctors and ‘miracle’ cures that have killed many.

·         Ginger, garlic, honey, apple… are all good.

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